General Assembly

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In accordance with the Law 4009/2011, as amended by Article 3, paragraph 8 of Law 4076/2012, the General Assembly of the School consists of the Professors and Lecturers of the School on duty, as well as one representative of every category of the members of Specialized Educational Staff (EEP), members of Laboratory Teaching Staff (ΕDIP) and members of Specialized Laboratory Technical Staff  (ΕΤΕP), who are assigned by winning an absolute majority of a secrete vote among the members of the staff of the familiar categories.

The following representatives take part in the current composition of the General Assembly:

Specialized Educational Staff (E.E.P.)  Rizopoulou Panagiota , Substitute member:  Sissamakis Emmanouil

Laboratory Teaching Staff (E.D.I.P.)  Fassoulas Charalampos

Specialized Laboratory Technical Staff (E.T.E.P.) George Papadakis,  Substitute member: Michalis Theodorakis